Come Sail Away

To truly experience the awe of The Islands of Tahiti, nothing beats approaching them from the sea. Feel the transition from the deep, untamed royal blues and rolling waves of the Pacific to the welcoming hues of a quiet, hushed lagoon. Follow the trail of flower-scented air that announces the land long before you see it. Then, watch these magical islands rise, enchanted, from the horizon. Pause to recognize the moment when you realize you’re not dreaming – these are The Islands of Tahiti.

Exploring the Islands of Tahiti by boat let’s you experience a true paradise from a new perspective – offshore. No matter how big or how fast it is, hopping aboard a boat will give you the full view of amazing landscapes with colorful tropical flowers and emerald volcanic peaks that spill onto white sand beaches.

  • Yacht Charter: Let a professional skipper take control of the helm and lay back to enjoy the Islands of Tahiti yacht charter aboard a chartered catamaran, monohull or another type of boat.
  • Superyacht: The pinnacle of sophistication and luxury at sea is a trip aboard an Islands of Tahiti superyacht.
  • Stopovers: No matter what boat you’re on, visit the most popular ports of call on a stopover to shop boutiques, lay on a beach or just to experience the Islands of Tahiti renowned hospitality first hand.

Sailboats based on Tahiti and Moorea will take you out for a spin, or even to the late Marlon Brando’s island of Tetiaroa, but the best sailing here is among the Leeward Islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, and Huahine – sailing among the Leeward Islands is world-class.

French Polynesia’s center for charter-yacht sailing is Raiatea, where rentals are available from several companies (including The Moorings, the outstanding American company).

Tahiti Yacht Chartwes

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