Waterfalls Fiji

The Waterfalls of Taveuni Fiji

Framed by thick, ridiculously green jungle, these three waterfalls (also known as the Bouma Falls) epitomise the ‘Garden Island’ epithet Taveuni is famous for. The first waterfall (24m) has a change area, picnic tables and barbecues; it’s an easy stroll from the visitors centre. It’s a 30-minute climb (and river-rock hop) to the second one; the third involves a hike along an oft-muddy forest path for another 20 minutes. Rocks and paths leading to the last two falls can get very slippery; they can be cut off during wet season.

All waterfalls have natural swimming pools; at the third – if you bring a snorkel – you’ll see hundreds of prawns.

You must sign in (and pay) at the visitors’ centre before heading off. Do not go alone: this is a very isolated spot.

Wainibau Waterfall


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