The Marlborough Sounds lie at the South Island’s north-easternmost point, between Tasman Bay in the west and Cloudy Bay in the south-east. The almost fractal coastline has 1/5th of the length of New Zealand’s coasts. The steep, wooded hills and small quiet bays of the sounds are sparsely populated, as access is difficult. Many of the small settlements and isolated houses are only accessible by boat.

This is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in New Zealand, endowed with natural beauty, this intricate maze of waterways with its attractive beaches and lush greenery provides for the perfect nature experience. Many visitors to Marlborough arrive by ferry through the deep coves and bays of Tory Channel and Queen Charlotte Sound.

Sail, paddle, kayak, mountain bike, walk or motor through this picturesque maritime area. Fine restaurants and accommodation lodges are scattered throughout the Sound.

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