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Start your journey by roaming through some of the places we treasure the most. The South Pacific offers a kaleidoscope of experience, sights and sounds – the literal meaning fits perfectly with this Island Nation, it means “observer of beautiful forms,” from the Greek kalos, “beautiful,” and eidos, “shape.”

Fiji Party
Luxury Travel to the Fijian Archipelago: A Perfect Pairing with New Zealand

Why Combine Your New Zealand Holiday with Fiji? Picture this: the rugged landscapes of New Zealand’s North and South Islands, each boasting their unique charm, followed by a seamless transition to the paradisiacal haven of the Fijian Archipelago. The contrast between these two destinations creates a well-rounded luxury journey. Af...

new caledonia cultural tour
New Caledonia - Promenades and Patisseries

FRANKLY, NEW CALEDONIA is a bit greedy. It isn’t enough that the South Pacific archipelago has all the trappings of a desirable tropical destination – island hopping, fruits that radiate sunshine when you bite into them, watersports and an abundance of sun loungers. Being an overseas French territory means it’s also imbued with...

Aitutaki Cook Islands
Aitutaki - Tiny & Exceptionally Beautiful

Aitutaki is the acme of the Cook Islands experience. A 50-minute flight north of Rarotonga, the little fishhook-shaped “almost atoll” has the Cook Islands – arguably the South Pacific’s – most dazzling lagoon, featuring sparkling turquoise waters and the whitest of sandy beaches. If you’re snorkelli...

French Polynesia
Beautiful French Polynesia

FRENCH POLYNESIA IS one of the best places in the world to do nothing -aside from lying by the pool, sipping cocktails and taking far too many photos of spectacular sunsets. It’s why these 118 islands and atolls, sprinkled like confetti across 4.1 million sq km of Pacific Ocean, are so popul...

Rarotonga 2
Cook Islands

BLUE IS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE COLOUR. In the Cook Islands, you don’t need a psychologist to explain people’s positive associations with all things blue. You simply look to the horizon, across a turquoise lagoon to where the inky indigo of the deep ocean beyond the reef meets an endless a...

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