The Hotel Britomart offers a perfect city getaway. Its hand-made brick exterior and beautifully timber-lined rooms showcase exceptional attention to detail. Moreover, you can enjoy the best of downtown waterfront Auckland right outside your front door. The hotel  is situated in a vibrant nine-block precinct filled with plant-lined streets, historic warehouses, and excellent shopping and dining options, making it the perfect base to explore your inner city surroundings.

Key Features
  • Attention to detail: The Hotel Britomart prides itself on exceptional attention to detail, from its hand-made brick exterior to the beautifully timber-lined rooms. The hotel’s interior design, furniture, and amenities are all carefully curated to create a luxurious and comfortable stay for guests.
  • Location: The hotel is located in a dynamic nine-block precinct that features plant-lined streets, historic warehouses, and some of the city’s best shopping and dining options. Guests can easily explore the vibrant neighborhood and enjoy the best of downtown waterfront Auckland right outside their front door.
  • Sustainability: The Hotel Britomart is committed to sustainability and has achieved a 5 Green Star Design rating, which is the highest rating for sustainable buildings in New Zealand. The hotel uses renewable energy, has a zero-waste policy, and sources food and products from local and ethical suppliers.

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